Iggy Azalea

I get ridiculously excited when I discover something or someone that blurs the lines between music and fashion.  I had heard of Iggy Azalea a bit ago, but didn't really start learning about her until this evening.  When I came across the video for Work along with the "stripped" version, I was hooked.  What do you think?



Williamsburg hang-outs and Swimsuits for Summer!!!

Yesterday my friend Jenn and I had a bit of a day to ourselves, which we decided to spend in Williamsburg.  Beginning our day with Swedish roasted coffee at Konditori on 7th Ave., we hit up a couple of shops, one of which included Monk, a vintage/thrift stop located on Driggs Ave.  I found a couple of shirts, a skirt, and a pair of shoes which totaled $43, not bad for scoring summer threads before June.

Monk Vintage, 496 Driggs Ave. between 9th and 10th streets

We then stopped inside The Meatball Shop on Bedford to wet our whistles with French 75 Jelly Shots, drinks (bourbon for me and Chianti for her), and spicy meatball sandwiches with arugula salads.  After dinner we hit up The Levee on Berry St. just in time for $1 pbrs, although the menu read $3 each.  Maybe the bartender just thought we were cute? We'll never know...

Jenn spotted a high-waisted two-piece swimsuit in a shop window with a price tag through the ceiling, which inspired me to post about affordable swimsuits for summer 2013.  Beach week will be here before you know it, ladies (my roommate just left for Cancun only today and it's not even mid-May!!), which is why you should probably start thinking about what will be tag-worthy and won't break the bank!  Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

Sequin top and bottom, both on sale at $16.12

Space Print  top- $25.46, bottom- $16.97

Solid bustier top- $25.46, bottom- $16.97

Crochet  top- $13.80, bottom- $9.80

Bikini top- $14.95
and bottoms- $9.95

How's that for a start? Go ahead and view the board on Pinterest I created, for more swimsuit inspiration.  Just don't forget the sunscreen...



choice street style [curated]

The Sartorialist, Fourth Ave., NY April 29, 2013.

The Sartorialist, Old Bond St., London.  April 27, 2013

The Sartorialist, 7th Ave., NY.  April 16, 2013.

The Sartorialist, rue Saint-Honore, Paris. April 12, 2013.

Facehunter, Seoul, April 22, 2013.

Facehunter, Sydney, April 10, 2013.

Facehunter, Sydney, April 9 2013.

Facehunter, Milan, February 23, 2013

Facehunter, Lisbon, March 10 2013.

Jak & Jil, New York, April 8, 2013.



punk is about not caring what anyone thinks

I realize I have not entered a blog post since September of last year. YES THAT IS CRAY

A lot of things have happened during the past 9 months.  I walked away from a relationship that began giving me panic attacks, finally graduated college, and moved to New York City.  Needless to say this has been a challenge as well as a massive dream come true.  And I've done it all on my own.

I've only been more inspired since being up here (it's only been 6 weeks, ya'll!), and my passions have only grown stronger and are becoming more defined.  Even though I haven't blogged in several months, I've started documenting my happenings and commenting more and more using Instagram (who doesn't love this platform??? Follow me @ lepumph!!).  I'm kind of obsessed.  But really, I want to get back to blogging.  Something I've always loved.

I'm not clever with words like good writers, or people who have taken classes for it.  I don't have money oozing out of a trust fund, allowing me to fund my interests quickly.  Hell, I don't even have a Mac anymore (my Macbook of 6 years finally died) nor a high-tech expensive camera.  I don't have any of the things that your typical fashion blogger has.  But I do have taste, a Google Chromebook, and an iPhone.  And if all I'm doing is creating a place for myself on the internet where I can document things that I love, then that's all this is.

Right now I work at a restaurant in Greenwich Village.  I take yoga, burlesque, and dance classes.  I live in Brooklyn.  I know a lot about a lot of things.  And I never want to stop moving forward.

You probably should make sure you follow my music blog, guna guna.

And I'll continue to give you my opinion on what was worth seeing at the Met Gala.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, it is an annual gathering of celebrities and fashion it-girls and it-boys, which coincides with the new spring exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, benefiting and/or celebrating the Costume Institute.  Usually it is expected for the attendees to give a nod to the exhibit through what they wear to the gala, but as we are well aware this year, that is not always the case.  But whatever, thank God Madonna showed up.  In Givenchy, of course.

Kim Kardashian looked like a complete idiot, so I won't even show you the picture.  But seriously, who wears a large floral-print long-sleeved gown whilst pregnant? Ok nevermind I'll show you:

She looks like a walrus, right....? Jeez.  According to style.com this was custom Givenchy...which is even more unreal.  I really don't understand.

Anne however looked damn good in Valentino.  And I am digging the hair.  Look at her with him!! Too cute.

There's only one comment I have for Kristen, which has been my reaction when I see any photo of her : "?"

Ummmm, okay.  Stella McCartney makes beautiful clothes but this is just weird.

Allison Williams looked like a goddess in custom Altuzarra, yet I'm really not sure how she walked around all night.  Also, I could totally see Florence Welch in this dress.

Speaking of Florence, here's our girl.  In Givenchy, no less.


Miley, I'm loving you more and more with each passing day.  I literally never thought words like that would utter my lips.  But it's true.  She looked the part and gave a strong nod to mall punks (yes!!) in her Marc Jacobs gown.  I appreciate that this fits her age and probably totally encompasses what she thinks is "punk".  But c'mon, we all shopped at Hot Topic in highschool, so you can't blame her.  WE ALL DID.

Frank Ocean also looked quite dapper in Givenchy. (I'm seeing a trend here...am I a Givenchy whore?)

Notice the studs on the bottom of the shoes <3

I'm so glad Christina Ricci remained true to the theme. Why wouldn't she? That little punk vixen.

Vivienne Westwood Couture, Casadei shoes.

Yes, Donatella. Werk it girl.

Sienna Miller was total glam punk and I loved it! Burberry Prorsum. Obsessed. 

Not punk at all (obviously) but I couldn't not share Uma with you.  Gown by Zac Posen, who may be my favorite evening-wear designer along with Givenchy and Marchesa.

Total Babe-Power-Woman

Dree Hemingway is the one who got Stella McCartney-punk right. Even if it's more goth, who cares? It's hot and definitely man-repellent, unless your man has good taste (where are these men).

Nicole Richie chose Topshop for the Met ball. Baller!  She's a total alien-punk.

Pixie Geldof has always been punk, so it was just kind of cute to see her in a modest Moschino gown. Still hot as hell.

And I'm out! Happy weekend and let's enjoy life.  Don't be afraid to express yourself through what you wear.  The world might be watching, but don't let that stop you.  If you don't feel like yourself, then you'll be miserable.  PEACE



NYFW [2]

Enjoying a day off. Which for me means watching ANTM and Project Runway :P

Oh, and commenting on fashion week, of course.

Victoria Beckham - my impression of Victoria's signature look up to this point has been just body-con dresses and pencil skirts. But this show was totally new...I absolutely love the length and cut of these skirts!!!

Proenza Schouler - several of the pieces were not sewn, but crocheted together to form a unique new fabric. my favorites were the vests and the series of neon-patchwork dresses at the end

Calvin Klein - you know, I used to not like CK very much. But I think that now my tastes are becoming more refined, I'm appreciating the minimalism and realizing the craftsmanship truly is amazing in these clothes.

Diane Von Furstenburg - she's so great with resort wear it's practically maddening.

Marchesa - I'm anxious to see who pulls off some of these looks on the red carpet in the coming months 

photos from style.com